Indiana Bible College Rebrand

If you’ve been at a conference over the past ten years, you have more than likely taken or have been offered an IBC pin. If so, you know the logo; … more »

The Church Matters

    by Paul Mooney As I began writing the Perspectives article for this month, I paused a moment, glanced at some notes and flipped through some diary entries that I had … more »

A University, Not a Daycare

  by Robert L. Rodenbush, J.D., LL.M.   Recently a student at Oklahoma Wesleyan University made news when he complained that a sermon preached in a chapel service made him … more »

We Can’t Just Sing Louder

  by Robert L. Rodenbush   In August of 2018 we went to the 50th Jubilee Celebration of the UPCI Church of Ghana, West Africa. In 1968 my parents became … more »