Fair to Middling

by Paul Mooney   “Oh, fair to middling, I guess.” Such was a common greeting among the farmers gathered at the Farm Bureau store or the grain elevator to gossip … more »

Critically Reading and Listening, Part 1

by Bobby Killmon     I always hear from elders to “listen and read critically” sermons and other commentaries. How can I do that well? What a great question. There … more »

Creating Delinquents

by R. L. Rodenbush   In a South African game park known for rescuing animals from extinction, there was a problem. Approximately 39 endangered white rhinos had been attacked and … more »

CONNECT 2017 recap

On February 23, 2017, Indiana Bible College hosted 158 high school juniors and seniors. The guests were welcomed by the student body for three days of events. Thursday afternoon was … more »