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At Indiana Bible College we have simplified the application process so that you can meet application deadlines and criteria with ease. The IBC enrollment staff is also available to assist enrollees with any concerns and inquiries they may have.

How to Apply

Fill out, and submit the online application.
Parts of the application:

Parts of the application:
1. Online Application for Enrollment
Download, fill out and email to
2. Consent Form
3. Health History Form
4. Transcript from previous schooling
5. Pastoral Reference (to be completed by the Pastor)
6. Application fee $40 (Mailed to IBC)

Review Process

Once we receive all components of your application, we will send you a letter of receipt. The department dean will review your file. Be patient with us, this process may take a little while.


After your application has been received, reviewed and accepted you will be notified by both email and postal mail.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition / Room and board

Full-time tuition (12 – 19 credits) $1850.00 per semester
Part-time tuition (11 or fewer credits) $150.00 per credit hour
Tuition (Above 19 credits) $70.00 per credit hour
Audit $50.00 per credit hour
Room and Board $1950.00 per semester

Miscellaneuous Fees

Application Fee $40.00
Activity Fee $175.00 (Per semester)
Official Transcript $5.00
Graduation Fee $100.00 (Paid semester of graduation)
Late Registration Fee $30.00
Returned Check Fee $39.00 (Per check)
Proficiency Exams $25.00 (Per exam)
Room Deposit $150.00
Vehicle Registration Fee $25.00 (Per semester)
Music Lessons $195.00 (Per semester)
Textbooks Estimated $250.00 per semester
General Off-Campus Student Fee $250.00

Estimated Annual Costs

Tuition $3700.00
Activity Fee $350.00
Room and Board $3900.00
Estimated Annual Cost $7950.00

Credit Card Processing Fees

As of August 15, 2019, we will be adding a service fee of 3.5% to any credit or debit card transactions. Credit card processing fees are extremely high and vary from bank to bank. This service fee is typical of most higher education institutions and will help us recoup some of the loss we experience in processing these types of payments.

If you wish to avoid the fee, you certainly may make payments using cash or check. There will be no fee added for cash, check or automatic bill payments that we receive. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Financial Office at 317-554-8069, ext. 207 or email us at

Required Payment Schedule

Fall semester

$2475.00 due at or before Registration in August*
$500.00 due September 15
$500.00 due October 15
$500.00 due November 15

Spring semester

$2475.00 due at or before Registration in January*
$500.00 due February 15
$500.00 due March 15
$500.00 due April 15

*This includes tuition, all fees (except room deposit and lessons) and the first four weeks of room and board.
Fees are payable at registration and may not be placed on the student’s account. Tuition, room and board, and fees are subject to change

Annual Cost Summary

Tuition $3700.00
Activity Fee $350.00
Room and Board $3900.00
Estimated Annual Cost $7950.00


For information about financial assistance, visit our scholarships page.
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