Christian Leadership

Training students to be Biblically centered, spiritually sensitive, and technically capable of leading churches and ministries into growth.

Indiana Bible College has a long history of training tomorrow’s Apostolic leaders today. That is what we have done since 1981. This refocus is part of an intentional look into the future and an attempt to prayerfully consider how we can better serve the kingdom of God.

In the face of constant change and cultural pressures, the church needs leaders who can successfully navigate the challenges ahead. The Christian Leadership Major at Indiana Bible College trains students to be Biblically centered, spiritually sensitive, and technically capable of leading churches and ministries into future growth.

Whether serving as a lead pastor at a local congregation or in a support role, students who graduate with a Christian Leadership degree will be equipped to anticipate changes and think critically about the effects of their leadership decisions. Additionally, students will enhance their administrative skills and organizational knowledge while strengthening their ability to facilitate overall growth in Christian leadership communities.


Biblical Studies

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The Biblical Studies department at Indiana Bible College are focused on the process of training Apostolic ministry with the necessary tools for effective ministry. Now is the time for us to answer the call, to be motivated, equipped and deployed into our world to show the power of Apostolic doctrine and truth to redeem this broken world we live in! equips students to be effective in the following roles: pastor, assistant pastor, youth pastor, evangelist, Bible teacher or instructor, outreach and evangelism coordinator, Sunday school director, author and more.

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The Missiology minor is designed to provide training for missionaries and others who serve or plan to serve in intercultural ministry and church multiplication positions. Students should understand this area of study at IBC is pointed towards those that have a call or passion for missions. The wide spectrum of Christian ministry requires both comprehensive and highly specialized training. To meet these demands IBC students are exposed to a core set of courses and practicums which will enable them to gain critical theological training and be able to make practical application in real ministry contexts.

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At the heart of the IBC Music curriculum is a firm belief in the active approach of student involvement, leadership training and development. Our students participate in a 200 voice choir, 50 voice chorale and several other small music groups. In addition, various music groups travel throughout the year to minister in churches and at national conferences. The annual IBC Live Recording project is completely student- driven. Our talented students author many of the songs recorded and serve as the musicians and soloists.

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Church Marketing

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There is growing demand in churches for workers who are proficient with new media, technology, and marketing.
The Church Marketing concentration equips students to serve in a wide range of media ministries. Students are introduced concept in branding, design, and marketing. Course offerings include Branding, Digital Promotional Strategies, and electives of Videography, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Media and the Christian.


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The Preaching concentration helps students declare the Apostolic doctrine by providing courses such as Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Biblical Teaching and Preaching, Applied Preaching, and more. In addition to a challenging class environment students will experience supportive ministerial mentoring and opportunities for hands-on ministry training.


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Indiana Bible College students have an opportunity focus their studies in Education. This department seeks to enable students to have their own effective teaching ministry. Since teaching (which established individuals in the faith) was such a vital part of the New Testament church, it must be reflected in the ministry of our graduates as well. Classes include Intro to Christian Education, Principles in Teaching, Classroom Management, Educational Psychology, as well as Teaching Assistant opportunities. 


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Our concentration in Counseling offers a unique combination of courses including Counseling, Pastoral Care and Counseling, as well as optional classes of Sociology, Psychology, Human Relations, and Applied Counseling. This concentration equips students to effectively minister to the hurting and provides a foundation for those who plan to continue their education in counseling-related fields.
When I came to Indiana Bible College all I had was a call from God. Indiana Bible College equipped me with a burden, a passion and the tools to take that call of God and enter the ministry better prepared.”
Alex Spooner
Class of 2018

Areas that CL majors are equipped to serve: 

Pastoral leadership
Director of non-profit organization 
Support leadership 
Communications specialists 
Ministry entrepreneur/leader

Beyond the Core Fifty credits required for every Indiana Bible College student, Christian Leadership majors and minors will take practical classes such as Organizational Leadership, Team Dynamics, Leadership in Practice, Ethics, Church Leadership Strategies, and more.
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