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Indiana Bible College Rebrand

If you’ve been at a conference over the past ten years, you have more than likely taken or have been offered an IBC pin. If so, you know the logo; a circle with the letters IBC. Maybe you’ve interacted with the logo accompanying an IBC LIVE YouTube video or elsewhere on social media. The badge has become iconic.

The current brand has had tremendous staying power, but as time has gone by and a fresh vision from leadership has arrived, so too has come the need to update our logo and solidify the brand. We needed something to incorporate the best of the previous logo(s) and to refresh, move forward, and present a unified, cohesive brand.

While we love both the crest and the iconic circle, they were very different from each other. It became increasingly clear we needed a broader brand system and an update.

Under the direction of our President, Joshua B. Carson, we began exploring directions for a new brand system. We decided to solidify the best of the crest and the badge into one unified mark. 

The process began by gathering feedback from current students and alumni about what IBC means to them. We took that feedback into a larger meeting with several designers, Bro. Carson, and several key players at IBC for brainstorming and discussion.

We analyzed our current brand and endeavored to reconcile both the badge and the crest. We looked at our current family of brands, including Calvary Tabernacle and Calvary Christian School. We also researched a number of other universities and their approaches to branding, examining how they combine crests, logos, and word art.

At the end of this research, we decided to merge the best of our crest and badge and incorporate them into a new brand system that was uniquely and distinctly IBC.

Our lead designer on the project, Kaylin Dye, began to deconstruct the crest in an attempt to find the key element. Through this process, it became clear that the Bible was the critical and primary piece. The Bible became the main building block for the new logo.

As this combined with a need for the recognition of “IBC” the logo began to take shape. 

Over time through conversations and edits, a brand system began to appear that everyone was on onboard with. 

We are very glad to present to you the new IBC logo and brand system.

We are still in the process of developing the feel and personality of the new brand.

No doubt, you will notice changes and nuances to the brand over time. Overall, we feel this is an excellent blend of all the objectives we were aiming to achieve.

— Indiana Bible College Marketing Team


We will absolutely be releasing new merch you can purchase on the new IBC Store

Watch social media for more on merch releases!