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How to Connect with CONNECT 2017

ibc-faculty-jaye-rodenbush by Jaye Rodenbush

Thanks to the amazing staff and students of Indiana Bible College. Preparing the campus tonight for our record-breaking IBC CONNECT Weekend. CONNECT is the weekend high school juniors and seniors come and explore the campus, attend chapel, classes and social events all while getting acquainted with the faculty, staff and students of IBC. We are expecting a fabulous weekend. Thanks to our new CONNECT students, we are working to get you ALL comfortably on campus so that you will have a great experience.

Thanks to Promotions Director Christopher Henderson and his team for his tireless work to make this happen. We knew the CONNECT attendance numbers were up, but this response has blown through our projections and has been incredible. It looks like the student body of IBC FALL 2018 is going to be great!

Perhaps your time to experience Bible college has passed, but it’s never to late to join us in other ways. We REALLY could use your help. Our greatest need is for people with a heart for students to do the following:


Pray God sends us great students with a heart for revival. Pray that while at IBC they can find and develop their calling. Pray that they can use the time they have at IBC to make the connections and build the relationships that will help them fulfill the destiny God has placed upon their hearts. Pray that God anoints our faculty and staff to pour into the hearts and lives of each student that walks through our doors. Pray that God daily renews our passion for this work. Pray that he supplies the families of our IBC faculty and staff with the health and financial blessings they need to dedicate even greater focus to this great task ahead of us.


Our greatest need at IBC is funding for qualified, hard-working, dedicated students, who despite their best efforts, are struggling financially to work their way through college. Donations are tax deductible and you may designate a specific student that you already know or allow the scholarship committee to help you choose from a variety of worthy recipients. Due to the considerable growth of our student body, we are committed to a variety campus improvements. Housing this number of students each year requires a great commitment by our host church, Calvary Tabernacle. They have gone above and beyond to support the work of Indiana 16864679_10155857861858696_4518722866254251812_nBible College, but we have much work still to be done. Funding needed for campus improvements includes emergency projects that HAVE to be done in the next six months, to what we like to call “DREAM” projects that would make our campus more conducive to creative methodology and more comfortable for both staff and students. We truly need some MIRACLES. We are thinking big and dreaming big, because we know we have a big GOD.

Thank you for all of your support of IBC through the years.

God Bless,

Rob Rodenbush & Jaye Mooney Rodenbush

Indiana Bible College Executive Vice President & Dean of Administration