Preparation against the worldviews on college campuses and in culture


IBC Worldview Conference 2020

Thank you to each of you who joined us for the IBC Worldview Conference.

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Session Delivery

Session delivery will take place through our web streaming platform,

Thursday morning, July 30th, we will email login credentials for viewing the videos to your email you used to register.

Sessions will premier on a schedule (Thursday and Friday), but will be archived for you to access with your registration login for 10 days following the premier.

These sessions will not all be publicly accessible, you must register to receive login credentials to access the sessions.

Who This is For

Those who are planning to, currently attending, or recently graduated from secular college, seeking to deepen their foundation in an Apostolic Pentecostal view of the world.

Virtual Sessions

A virtual set of special, virtual lectures for young people wanting to engage their minds and strengthen their understanding of the Christian worldview in order to help them combat and overcome the secular worldview encountered on college campuses and in the world.


Thursday July 30th

6:00 PM EST – Why Worldview Matters – Bobby Killmon
7:00 PM EST – Media and the Christian Worldview – Christopher Henderson
7:00 PM EST – What is Man: A Christian Understanding of Humankind – Jennifer Mast
8:00 PM EST – How to Stay Apostolic in College – Jason Gallion

Friday July 31st

10:00 AM EST – Practical Holiness in Relationships – Melinda Poitras
10:00 AM EST – Creationism vs. Evolution: What is at Stake? – Steve Waldron
3:00 PM EST – Effective Campus Evangelism – Mike McGurk (Revised Schedule)
5:00 PM EST – How to Win the War of Worldviews – Bobby Killmon
8:00 PM EST – Overcoming and Influencing Culture –  Joshua Carson

Sessions will remain accessible on-demand until August 9th.

“Young people attending college today are facing tremendous pressures both in terms of the worldviews they are exposed to in the classroom and also the social pressure they face on-campus. This conference is designed to be a resource to help young people be equipped with the intellectual and spiritual tools they need to overcome the challenges of the college campus.”
Rev. Bobby Killmon
Dean of Biblical Studies at Indiana Bible College