One Day Leadership Training Seminars

The Indiana Bible College staff is excited to partner with pastors, ministry teams, and congregations to offer on-site training seminars for ministry development and leadership teams.

These workshops are designed to provide practical teaching for the local church. Pastors may select from the following topics for training sessions.

Leadership Philosophies

A survey of various technical leadership approaches applied to modern ministry settings.

Followers Who Lead

An examination of the leveraging influence to lead when not “in charge” at a local congregation.

Leading for Worship

A study of how everyday leadership practices translate to Sunday corporate worship services.

Survey of Ministry Leadership

An exploration of the framework for ministry leadership that examines the roles of personal and community leadership.

Team Dynamics

An investigation of team members’ roles, strengths, and weaknesses given our Christian ministry within the local church.

Communication in the Church

A look at the various purposes of communication in the local congregation.

Building a Marketing/Creative Team

An overview of actionable steps to create and manage a productive church marketing team.


1. Pray about partnering with Indiana Bible College. 
2. Text us to schedule your training session.