Salad Station Cook

IBC Kitchen Position

Position Title

Salad Station Cook

Job Description

Salad Station Cook will work in the Kitchen department of Indiana Bible College. They will prep and maintain the salad station.


Kitchen Director
Head Cook

Duties and Responsibilities

The Salad Station Cook is responsible for: 

  • Prep/stock all items for the salad bar on a daily basis 
  • Set-up salad bar to be ready for lunch services
  • Keep salad bar stocked during lunch services
  • Assist on hot bar serving line during lunch services
  • Table sanitization throughout lunch services
  • Ensuring tables, trash and dish collection areas are clean throughout lunch services
  • Tear down and clean salad bar after lunch services
  • Assist in various kitchen duties
  • Follow best practices as outlined in Kitchen Procedure Manual

Necessary Skills

  • Ability to self motivate, work independently, multitask, prioritize, and manage time
  • Proficient organization skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Basic kitchen skills and possess an understanding of common kitchen appliance use
  • Be a team player
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