Dorm Room FAQ

What you need to know

Room and Board is included in tuition.

Preparing to Move In

What to bring with you:

  • Mattress cover for twin bed
  • Each dorm will have twin beds and mattresses that can be converted to bunk beds or left separate
  • No personal beds are allowed, but you may bring your twin size mattress, you may, provided you take it home with you at the end of the year
  • Personal items such as towels, washcloths, extra-long twin size sheets, blankets, small dresser and/or a small desk
  • Standard household cleaning supplies such as brooms, dustpan, bathroom cleaner, etc.

  • Shower curtains (not provided by the college)

What to leave behind:

IBC does not allow the following things on campus:

  • Pets, televisions, DVDs or movies
  • Do not bring firearms in any form, including BB, pellet, and paintball guns
  • Fireworks or explosives of any kind are not allowed
  • No personal beds (Queens, Kings, etc.) are allowed in dorm rooms, the only exception is your own Twin size mattress
The ladies dorms are on the main campus.

Ladies Dorm Rooms

Room Sizes

1st Floor – 155 Sq Foot Rooms (15 1/2′ x 10′) Plus Varying Size Bathrooms
2nd Floor – 180 Sq Foot Rooms (15′ x 12′) Plus a 6′ x 5′ Bathroom
3rd Floor – 135 Sq Foot Rooms (13 1/2′ x 10′) Plus 6 1/2′ x 6′ Bathroom

All ladies dorms will be assigned in advance.

If you have questions you can contact: (317) 554-8069 ext 200 or email

Mens Dorm Rooms

Room Sizes

Men’s Bedroom Sizes (Between 1 – 2 Bedrooms per Dorm):
135 Sq Foot Bedroom (12 1/2′ x 11′) Plus Bathroom, Kitchen, and Living Area

Each bedroom sleeps between 1 and 2 students situation dependent.

Heritage Hall
A short distance from the main campus’ Northeast corner:
3323 Carson Ave, Indianapolis, IN

Can I live off campus?

Living on campus at IBC offers students an environment that maximizes the Bible college experience, maintains student disciplines, and provides a convenient access to classes, study areas, and activities. We highly recommend that all students live on campus and it is required that students from outside the Indianapolis metro area, moving to Indianapolis to attend college, live on campus.

In order to apply for an exception to live off-campus, one must meet the following guidelines:
1. He or she must be over 25 years of age.
2. He or she must have a permanent residence that is within 25 miles of CT/IBC. (Moving in with Calvary members and/or family members living nearby is not considered a permanent residence.)

To apply for this exception please contact the Dean of Students, Rev. Jarred Turner, at

Does Indiana Bible College provide married housing?

At this time, IBC does not offer married housing, so married students are exempt from this rule. We can offer recommendations for apartment options nearly. Please email the Front Office,, for this list.

Are there restrictions for dorm decorations?

Rooms cannot be painted or altered in any way including wallpaper or border. Rugs can be put down, but cannot be sealed to the floor with either glue or two-sided tape. No open flames are allowed in ANY dorm room at ANY time. Anything hung from walls will need to use a method that does not make new holes. Approved hanging supplies are sold in the IBC bookstore.

Can I reserve who my roomate is?

You can request a certain roommate, but it is at the Dorm Supervisor’s discretion whether it can be accommodated or not. Whether you are a new or returning student, making your prepayment (along with any other financial obligations such as down-payments and/or are current with your school bill) early gives you the best chance to reserve the room and roommates you prefer. Dorm Supervisors do their best to accommodate these requests, but even then extenuating circumstances may arise.

Can I keep my things in my dorm room over the Summer?

Indiana Bible College requires all student belongs to be removed from campus at the end of each academic year.
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